Studying abroad

3 things you shouldn’t forget to bring when moving abroad

What are the things that you are bringing with you to your studies abroad?

Or better yet, what did we manage to put in our two 32kg-suitcases and one carry-on?

Studies abroad are a new beginning, but luckily, we are given the privilege to bring some of our things with us. And because of that, we spend weeks and weeks making our lists, packing and unpacking and making sure that everything fits in our never-large-enough luggage.

And even though we started planning weeks in advance, on the day of our departure we start to panic.

Did we pack our passport?

What about the four validated copies of our diplomas?

Will we go back for our charger and toothbrush after we call for the elevator?

And in all that clutter of things, check-lists and to-do lists, will we stop to think whether there is something else that can easily be forgotten?

Our why

First of all, did we bring our why with us?

Why did we decide to leave?

How does that step fit in with who we are and who we want to become?

No matter what, we mustn’t forget what are our reasons. Because when going gets tough, and for sure at some point it will, our reasons are gonna be the ones that we turn to, to remind us why we’re there. That exact why will give us comfort and strength to go on.

Our goals

Second, did we bring our goals with us?

What is it that we set out to do when we get there?

Is it learning two new languages, doing three certified internships, publishing four papers or completing five projects?

Maybe it is visiting ten new countries, making a hundred new friendships or having a thousand hours of fun?

Or perhaps it is becoming more confident, more independent selves?

We will accomplish so much more than we imagined. And if we lose sight of what were once only dreams, we will forget to congratulate ourselves when we achieve them.

Our country

And finally, did we bring our country with us?

What is that trait from our culture and spirit that we’re so proud of and want to show everybody?

Whether we wanted to or not, we won’t be just students, but also cultural ambassadors. We will be there to break prejudice and create a different, better picture of our country. If they think that it is very cold where we come from, we will be the ones to show that not only do we have warm weather, but warm people as well.

Therefore, before we go to the airport, we should write down those three additional items on our checklist. If we cross off all of them, we can stop and be relieved.

The most important things we carry with us won’t be in our suitcases.

Even the carry-on luggage might seem too big for them to fit.

So if there is still some space in there, we can always fill it with our favorite mug – so that every morning coffee reminds us of where we came from.

P.S. And in my case, there will certainly be room for plazma biscuits – to never let me grow up. 🙂

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