Studying abroad

Why you should (not) study abroad?

Have you read the book The midnight library?

The midnight library is a place where we can see the lives we missed out on. Every choice we ever made has brought us one life, but left a completely different life behind – a life we would have had, had our choice been different.

Some decisions are small, everyday decisions, that are only a turning point on an already defined path. At the same time, there are those which we know can greatly change our lives and write a completely different book, before we even make them.

To study abroad – yes or no?“ will be one of those decisions. Every person will be differently affected by it: from a trivial thought, via a crystal clear choice, to our life’s biggest dilemma. And for those of us who are indecisive, it will cause hours and hours of analysis and countless sleepless nights.

And wouldn’t it be nice, just like in a book,  to see what our lives would have been like if we had gone abroad to those desired studies? 

What new lessons would we learn and how would we grow as people?

What experiences and friendships would we be richer for?

How would that impact our career?

There are a number of things we would have to sacrifice in order to take that leap into the unknown.

We leave our family behind.

We risk our friendships and relationships.

We no longer have that comfort we once had and we lose some of our good habits.

We have to stop going to those dance classes just as we were getting good at it.

And the projects we once enjoyed, will be taken over by someone else.

And we are going to start fresh, from zero.

But what if we already have our perfect life right here? Maybe people are right when they say that there is no place like home. Perhaps we won’t like the fact that our trains are always on time, or we will miss sarma and ćevapi too much. Or maybe we can gain the knowledge and experience we long for without having to leave our entire life behind?

But then again, if not now – when? 

Shouldn’t we always strive and want more for ourselves? Get out of our comfort zone and jump into the train of chances that waits for no one?

Isn’t this the best time to travel and explore, learn and discover? Should we just let the fear of leaving the familiar stop us from going to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

When the clock strikes twelve, there will be two books in front of you.

One depicts your life if you go abroad and challenge yourself. The other describes how your life would be like if you stayed and continued with your life as it is.

You will take one of those books.

You will read it cover to cover and experience it to the fullest.

There are chapters which are going to have you laughing so hard you’ll cry. And because of it, you will congratulate yourself for choosing the right book to read.

But, as you get further along in the book, you may read some chapters that will make you cry, fear and regret. You will start to wonder what was waiting for you in the other book.

But that is, and will remain, a mystery.

Because once you have chosen one book, the other is already gone.

So, when the clock strikes midnight, which book will you choose?


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